Sunday, March 29, 2015

On Anglicanism

This was written by a Roman Catholic as a caricature of what Anglicans love about Anglicanism, but I sort of like it anyway:

"I can understand anyone wanting to belong to the Anglican Church with its Dickensian niceness of manners, its pleasing hymns, its dreaming spires, the village green, the rose cheeked boys framed in frills, the romance of the cemetery, the cheerful order of rank, the reliable connection to Queen and state. Who wouldn't want to share an ancestry with ladies in poke bonnets carrying posies with their dainty Book of Common Prayer? To be able to weep tears of pride at the thought of Jerusalem built on England's green and pleasant land?"

I met some of those "rose cheeked boys" on Thursday evening when the Choir of King's College Cambridge (founded by King Henry VI) performed (beautifully) at my Dallas parish, Church of the Incarnation:


Sunday, March 15, 2015

The World of 1904

Inspired by my recent visit to St. Louis, here is a new chart of the monarchs of the world at the time of the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904. Most if not all of these countries would have had exhibits in St. Louis that summer; the bronze doors of the Cathedral Basilica's Blessed Sacrament Chapel were donated by the Austrian imperial government from its exhibit. Despite the loss of France, republicanism was still largely confined to the Americas (sadly, Brazil had already fallen). This balance (of monarchies versus republics) should be considered a reasonable minimum for monarchists.

Friday, March 13, 2015

An American Monarchist in St. Louis

Recently I spent a delightful few days in St. Louis, Missouri, the leading American city named for a king (Louis IX of France). Here I am at the iconic statue of the city's royal namesake at the St. Louis Art Museum.


It's amazing how many modern global problems can be traced to the overthrows of monarchies. Don't like the Iran situation? Blame the fall of the Shah in 1979. Don't like the Taliban? Blame the coup against King Zahir Shah of Afghanistan in 1973. Don't like chaos in Libya? Blame the overthrow of King Idris in 1969.  Don't like ISIS? Blame the murder of King Faisal II of Iraq in 1958. Don't like Nazism? Blame the dismemberment of the German and Austro-Hungarian empires in 1918. Don't like Communism? Blame the fall of Nicholas II in 1917. And so on. Yet the world stupidly keeps refusing to listen to the only people who have been consistently right for the past 225 years: Monarchists.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Abdullah II, Warrior King

This is what a King who rules as well as reigns looks like.

King Abdullah II is reportedly taking part in military actions against ISIS himself, having returned to cheers for his government's swift actions in retaliation for the brutal murder of a Jordanian pilot. Hooray for King Abdullah!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Prince Philip, Australian Knight

I strongly support Prime Minister Tony Abbott's decision to award an Australian knighthood to HRH the Duke of Edinburgh, who has been involved with many facets of Australian life over the past six decades, and condemn the mean-spirited carping from spiteful republican ingrates who fail to appreciate how extraordinarily fortunate they are to live in a constitutional monarchy and to have an elected leader who appreciates the importance of tradition, duty, and public service. God Save the Queen of Australia and God bless Prince Philip!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Monarchies and the Holy See

I believe, even as a non-Catholic, that the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church has the authority, if he chooses to do so, to resolve, at least for Catholics, hitherto disputed successions in monarchies that are or once were Catholic. He does not, however, have the authority to endorse the replacement of a Catholic Monarchy with a Republic, for such a development is intrinsically Evil and can never be approved under any circumstances.

Therefore, all non-sedevacantist Catholics must recognize Felipe VI as the legitimate King of Spain and Elizabeth II as the legitimate Queen of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth Realms, since the Vatican does, regardless of what they think about the events of previous centuries. No dispute is justifiable. "Carlism" or "Jacobitism" that does not have the blessing of the Holy See has no reason to continue. But Catholics have absolutely no obligation whatsoever to obey Leo XIII and accept the French Republic or any other republic occupying the territory of what was once a Catholic Monarchy, just because the Vatican now also has diplomatic relations with those republics.