Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Leaving the Palace II

Former (how I resent that word!) King Gyanendra has spent his last night in Nepal's royal palace, which is to be turned into a museum. However, he is determined to remain in Nepal and do what he can for his country.

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jkelleher said...

The rather unflattering description of Nagarjuna Palace in the NY Times article might be a tad unfair, I think. The exterior is not anywhere near as grandiose as Narayanhitiy, nor was the interior designed for show [it was, as the article implies, originally a hunting lodge]. Yet Nagarjuna has always been the King's favorite suburban retreat, and is far from the cluster of "tin-roof huts" that the Times article implies. A more accurate way to describe Nagarjuna would be to simply state that it was designed for comfort, rather than show. I will try to post some images on the Forum, as soon as I can locate some.