Sunday, February 1, 2009

Book recommendation from Gerald Warner

I was rather surprised and flattered this evening to receive an e-mail from Gerald Warner, the Telegraph blogger and Scotland on Sunday columnist whose rousing royalist writings I have occasionally praised here. Since I unfortunately do not read French, I won't be able to take advantage of his recommendation myself, but for the benefit of any readers who do, I'll quote his description.

For anybody visiting your blog who is able to read straightforward French, I suggest they might hugely enjoy the wonderful novel "Sire" by Jean Raspail. Although enjoyable for all age groups, this thriller has a special resonance with the young (in France it became a cult novel for royalist and Catholic young people). It tells how the young man who is the rightful King of France, with a few youthful supporters, travels across modern France, mostly on horseback, to be secretly anointed as King in the Cathedral of Rheims by a cardinal sent by the Pope. On the way he has to evade the traps set by republican authorities, detectives and spies. It is truly wonderful.

Just thought I'd mention it for the benefit of anybody who reads French. Unfortunately it has not been translated into English.

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Jonathan Bennett said...

I am only still learning French, but I will certainly keep this piece in mind!