Saturday, May 16, 2009

True Leaders: the Queen and her Heir

Writing in the Mail on Sunday, Peter Hitchens contrasts the royal family with Britain's scandal-plagued politicians:

One good effect of the exposure of our ‘democratic’ representatives as greedy luxury-lovers may be a bit less silly mockery of the Royal Family. The Queen herself is a model of frugal living. And I’ve never believed that Prince Charles gets his toothpaste squeezed on to his brush by a footman. This change of climate might lead to the views of this often thoughtful and intensely patriotic man being taken a little more seriously. Why shouldn’t he challenge and criticise brutalist architects, who dwell in Georgian splendour themselves but force us to live and work in howling canyons of chipped, stained concrete (which looked so nice and artistic on the drawing board)?

Meanwhile, The Mail on Sunday and "Cranmer" hope that the Queen will dissolve Parliament.

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