Saturday, January 23, 2010

Heir to the Throne

When I was 12 (1990-91), inspired by Robert K. Massie's book, I had ambitions of composing a musical, Nicholas and Alexandra, about the Romanovs. I never finished it, but wrote a number of songs. My favorite was probably the one for Tsarevich Alexei, "Heir to the Throne." After my voice changed and I couldn't sing it anymore, my younger brother sang it a few times. But since his voice changed (in the mid 1990s) it hadn't been sung by anyone for about 14 years until last month when a young member of the choir of St Mark's School of Texas (with which I sing monthly Evensongs and went to England last summer) agreed to record it. I am grateful to Weston for singing and to his older brother Landon for filming.

"Heir to the Throne" (1991)
Weston Blair, treble
Theodore Harvey, piano
December 21, 2009
Dallas, Texas

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