Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Prince of Monaco engaged

Over the years Monegasques might have been forgiven for wondering if their Prince (who has two illegitimate children) would ever marry, but their doubts have finally been laid to rest with the announcement of the engagement of HSH Prince Albert II, 52, to former Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock, 32. I wish them a happy and fruitful marriage and hope that the future princess in giving Monaco its first consort since 1982 will prove a worthy successor to Albert's beloved mother Grace. Mad for Monaco has more.

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MadMonarchist said...

Thanks for the link. It will be interesting to see how the wider public 'takes to' Charlene. I was never in the fan club but was often amazed at the number of people who are really hostile to her, usually based on nothing but their own assumptions. With this news a number of things are making sense now, such as the lack of a title for Andrea (that was really starting to bug me). He is (until Albert does his 'duty') as close to the throne as Prince William and yet has no title. Makes one wonder just how long the inner-circle knew about this and managed to keep it quiet.

Some credit for good manners also goes to the couple, who were asked about this just days ago and said nothing, for waiting until after Victoria's wedding to make the announcement. Evidence would indicate the proposal happened some time ago and yet they kept it hush so as not to rob Victoria of her day in the sun -and keeping things quiet is no small task these days.

Hope is renewed for the continuance of the Polignac-Grimaldi line!