Monday, January 3, 2011

Austrian Republic still afraid of three-letter word

A European Union court has ruled that the Austrian Republic's law prohibiting the use of the aristocratic "von" (even when legally part of one's name in Germany) is not a violation of Ilonka von Sayn- Wittgenstein's (adoptive daughter of Prince Lothar von Sayn-Wittgenstein) human rights. I would not be anxious to attempt to apply liberal "human rights" doctrine to the defense of nobility, and there may be legitimate questions in this particular case even from a traditional monarchist perspective as to whether the adoption genuinely confers aristocratic status (or even exactly who "Prince Lothar" is!). However, since the prohibition hinders her professional freedom of movement between Austria and Germany (guaranteed to EU residents), the hypocrisy of the republic and the EU is deafening. What are they afraid of?


radical royalist said...

Austria and Australia are really interchangeable.

While the Austrian republicans get paranoid about the "von", the Australian republicans hate the "Sir'.

In April 2009, when the Green's plebiscite bill was call up in a senate hearing the following dialog took place:

Sir David Smith argued the case against this new move towards a constitutional change.

DAVID SMITH: The Australian people should not be asked to reject their constitution until an alternative is also on offer.

DAVID SMITH: I'm not talking about legislation. I am talking about the constitution, Senator.

BOB BROWN: We are talking about legislation here, Mr Smith. This is a bill before the Parliament.

DAVID SMITH: Do you have an objection to using my title. Should I call you Bob or Mr Brown?

BOB BROWN: You are welcome to.


BOB BROWN: Very much so.

DAVID SMITH: A little courtesy wouldn't go too far.


DAVID SMITH: I'm sorry. I interrupted your question. I apologise.

BOB BROWN: You did, Mr Smith.

J.K. Baltzersen said...

Who's afraid of the big bad of?