Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Monitor on Monarchies

The Christian Science Monitor has a decent and thorough (albeit slightly patronizing) article on the world's remaining monarchies. It's nice to see monarchies besides Britain's covered in a prominent English-language publication, though the map omits Bhutan. I'm not always sure if contemporary monarchists should be offended by the label "anachronistic," or embrace it. What do readers think?


Flambeaux said...

I'm all for embracing "anachroism". Given what the gods of Progress have provided us over the last 400-odd years I'm all for going "against the clock" or "turning the clock back".

It is, after all, what you do when the clock is wrong.

Servent of the Cheif said...

I myself went a little further then Embracing the term Anachronistic and went full whack into saying Monarchists are in fact revolutionaries against the current order.