Saturday, April 21, 2012

Maria Vladimirovna: Twenty Years as Head of House

In addition to being the 86th birthday of the actual sovereign of the United Kingdom, today is also the twentieth anniversary of the "accession" of the woman who according to the Fundamental Laws of the Russian Empire established by Tsar Paul I ought to hold the equivalent position in Russia.  To mark Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna's two decades as head of the Russian Imperial House, leading Romanov enthusiast Paul Gilbert presents this comprehensive tribute page which includes a video of a substantial interview with HIH in English.  It was on April 21, 1992 that her father Grand Duke Vladimir (1917-1992), great-grandson of Tsar Alexander II and himself head of the House of Romanov for more than half a century (1938-92), died in Miami, having mercifully lived long enough to see the fall of the Soviet Union and visit the land of his ancestors, news reports of which I (13 at the time, already entranced with the Romanovs and just beginning to seriously follow royal news) actually remember.  This blog has no time for alternative interpretations of the succession and adheres to the position defended by Brian Horan in The Russian Imperial Succession.  In addition to having the best genealogical claim, Grand Duchess Maria looks every inch an Empress and as Mr. Gilbert points out is widely treated as such around the world.  Hopefully one day the great Russian nation will restore its imperial glory and acclaim her as such.  Long live Empress Maria I!

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