Monday, May 28, 2012

Missing Nepal

Once the world's only Hindu kingdom, Nepal has now lingered in republican darkness for four years. Its fall was the worst event I have had to report since beginning this blog.  It's bad enough that so many monarchies were abolished before I was born (or in the case of Iran, when I was six months old), but for this to happen during my adult lifetime when I grew up accustomed to including in the ranks of the world's surviving monarchies is intolerable.  I condemn the illegitimate and illegal Republic of Nepal on its fourth anniversary, which is four anniversaries too many.  Where is the Hindu equivalent of Francisco Franco to rise up and destroy this abomination?  Long live King Gyanendra, or if he and his son Paras have too much "baggage," long live his 9-year-old grandson King Hridayendra!  (HRH presumably doesn't look quite like this anymore, but I haven't seen a recent picture.)  As the Republic stumbles from one crisis to another, royalists must not give up on the Monarchy of Nepal!

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