Monday, May 9, 2011

Serbians Want Monarchy

A recent poll shows that 64% of Serbians favour a restoration of constitutional monarchy under Crown Prince Alexander.  Yet none of Serbia's major political parties officially back such a restoration.  Something is wrong here.  Why is it that the media (including internationally) are constantly attentive to the views of dissenting republican minorities in constitutional monarchies such as the United Kingdom, while a majority backing restoration in a republic receives comparatively little coverage?  Perhaps it doesn't fit the "progressive" interpretation of history.  Let's hope that Serbian monarchists can overcome whatever obstacles remain in the way of implementing the Serbian people's noble and righteous goal of royal restoration and formally add HM King Alexander II (actually I think he should be Alexander III, in a posthumous conciliatory gesture towards the rival Obrenovich dynasty) to the ranks of Europe's reigning monarchs!  Ten is not enough!

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