Friday, August 24, 2012

Prince Harry

I have no desire to provide links or comment at length on the latest media-manufactured Prince Harry "scandal."  I will however simply repeat what I wrote on Facebook.  Have any of Prince Harry's pompous media critics risked their lives fighting the Taliban, started a charity to help orphans in Lesotho, and brilliantly represented their country diplomatically throughout the Caribbean to the delight of thousands? No? Well then please shut up now, thanks.  (For further discussion, please see the thread at my forum.)


Peter of Carolina said...

I understand your argument but for one thing his actions certainly do give his family's enemies more ammunition and beyond that he should not be let off for such actions in spite of how any preceding kings and princes have acted. Any soldier would have received a reprimand had such things become public.

On a lighter note I must say I do enjoy your blog and forum.

Theodore Harvey said...

Thanks but I simply don't agree about "ammunition" since I doubt that many if any people will change their minds about the Monarchy based on this incident. As he was not on duty and was on a private vacation in what should have been a private place I don't see how his actions which are none of the world's business would merit an official military reprimand.