Monday, July 22, 2013

IT'S A BOY!!!!

Congratulations to TRH the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge on the safe delivery of a healthy prince (4:24 PM, 8lbs 6oz), third in line to the throne!!! A joyous day for the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth, and the entire world, and the first time since 1901 there have been four living generations of the British Royal Family in direct line. The baby is the first grandchild of the Prince of Wales and the first great-grandson & third great-grandchild of the Queen & the Duke of Edinburgh.

The greatest scene of monarchist propaganda ever filmed has never been more appropriate:


Aaron Traas said...

I am so annoyed at my twitter stream right now. Half of people saying "I don't care about the royal baby", while the other half keeps referring to the Duchess by her maiden name. I hate people, sometimes.

Theodore Harvey said...

I hear you, Aaron. Perhaps it's just as well I don't do Twitter...though that's why my South Carolina royalist friend Seth learned the news before I did and got to be the one to tell me (via the slightly less immediate medium of Facebook) yesterday seconds before it was on TV.

Perhaps my post from December is relevant again: