Friday, November 1, 2013

Stomach-Churning Politician

I have never understood why the Reign of Terror in France did not permanently discredit abolitionist republicanism. Yet 220 years later the despicable adherents of this perverted, evil agenda, which regards celebration of the baptism of a future King as nauseating, are for some reason allowed to hold public office while propagating their vile beliefs which historically have led to nothing but misery and horror. It is "British" republicans who are truly "stomach-churning."

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Ponocrates said...

Then you have this, however, to counter the vile republicanism:

Conservative Party vice-chairman Bob Neill said Mr Copley’s views were out of touch with the public.

"‘It’s a pity Tom Copley hasn’t got better things to do with his time than write such surly and mean-spirited drivel on his blog,’ he told the London Evening Standard. ‘On the positive side, this kind of dour killjoy attitude shows why republicanism has never caught on in the UK."