Friday, March 28, 2014

Labour goes after the remaining hereditaries

Despicable leveling traitors. Egalitarianism ruins everything. A real reform would be to restore all the hereditary peers and expel the fake "life" ones.

From the Friends of the Hereditary Peerage:

A reform of the House of Lords more fitting to the history and traditions of this country would be to expel all but a handful of life peers deemed of “exceptional value” (to use Labour's term) and, if a smaller House is deemed necessary, provide for the peer-based election of a fixed number of hereditary peers.

The House of Lords is NOT the House of Commons, it is NOT supposed to be representative and it is most certainly NOT supposed to be democratic. It is a *revising* House that is, by its very nature, the balancing antithesis of democracy - a voice of reasons against MPs who are all too ready to jump on bandwagons and moral panics as a quick-fix for the electorate and the media.

The hereditary peerage is the best means of facilitating this. It provides the 'lottery' element many who favour a 'jury' system propose, but in a way that almost guarantees a high standard of education, wealth immune from corruption, leisure to really scrutinise in the long-view and a patriotic duty to Queen and country. It does this while also bringing hundreds of years of history alive and celebrating something absolutely unique on this Earth.

Don't let the philistines wreck it.

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Ponocrates said...

I hate those Labour traitors. The Queen needs a real peerage! Not the sycophants of grubby politicians.