Friday, September 19, 2014

United Kingdom Triumphant

It's official: with every council except Highland declared, Scotland has decisively rejected independence. God Save the Queen!

NO: 1,914,187 (55.42%) (1,822,443 needed to win)
YES: 1,539,920 (44.58%)


Flambeaux said...

I thought it was very interesting that Glasgow was most in favor.

I see a similar divide between "urban" and "suburban/rural" populations throughout the developed West (US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand).

Drake Johnson said...

It is a defeat, not a victory. It's a victory for meaningless and hollow old appearances, I grant you, but a defeat for counter-revolution, because the liberal sentiments that inspired the Scots' quest for "freedom" would have thrown the EU into turmoil by emboldening separatist movements in many countries, and would have destroyed what is left of the pitiful shell of Britannic pretensions, which would in turn have made it more difficult for the United States and its liberal ideology to continue dominating world affairs, by depriving it, in effect, of its British lapdog. As a monarchist, I am not jubilant today.

Flambeaux said...

Don't worry...the politicians will keep putting this to plebiscite until they get the answer they want or figure a way to split Scotland up without one.

Theodore Harvey said...

I do not at all agree with Mr. Johnson. Emboldening separatist movements would only weaken Europe's remaining constitutional monarchies and would do nothing to diminish liberal or American power. In fact the EU or the US could benefit from an explosion of statelets unable individually to challenge its total dominance.