Sunday, November 9, 2008

Prince Charles at 60 (3)

Andrew Pierce wonders if Prince Charles will ever be King. Frankly I don't see what all the anxiety is about. Yes, he has waited longer than any previous Prince of Wales and is likely to wait some more. But barring an unforeseen tragedy, he will become King; that is the law, and despite the continuous sniping of republicans I'm honestly not too worried that the law is about to change any time soon.

I wish that those members of the British public who are not abolitionists, but seem to think that their silly preference for Prince William (why? because he's 34 years younger?), or their spiteful wish to deny the former Camilla Parker Bowles her husband's rank upon his accession, ought to count for something, could get it through their thick heads that the monarchy is not a popularity contest and is not supposed to be. Legally the wife of the King is the Queen, not the "Princess Consort," whatever that is. Brits should be glad that they have an heir to the throne as thoughtful and energetic as Prince Charles, and that he's finally found a wife who supports him and with whom he can be happy.

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