Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Queen in Dallas, 1991

A colleague's husband sent me these PDFs of articles about HM's visit to Dallas in 1991; I thought readers might find them of interest. Too bad it looks like some leftist agitators attempted to overshadow the visit.

The Meyerson Symphony Center mentioned is where I work. My colleague and her husband were in the audience at the gala. (I, of course, was a 12-year-old 7th grader in Indianapolis at the time.)


Hélène said...

Thanks, that was interesting. I grew up near San Francisco and when the Queen came to visit it (I don't remember when) there was a HUGE turnout. I heard (and don't know if it is true) that the city paid $50k to remodel a public restroom in Golden Gate Park just in case she needed to use it. It sounds insulting to her, in my opinion. Incidentally, I too live in the Metroplex. For some reason I thought you lived in the upper Midwest.

Theodore Harvey said...

I was born in Flint, MI and grew up in Indianapolis, IN, where my parents still live; I moved to Dallas in July, having previously lived in Charlotte, Miami, and New York.