Monday, September 20, 2010

Greatest Nation?

David B. Hart denies that the United States is the "Greatest Nation on Earth," whimsically nominating the Kingdom of Bhutan as an alternative recipient of this nonsensical designation. Alas, Bhutan is changing, and probably not for the better, as lamented by both The Mad Monarchist and Peter Hitchens. At least they still have their monarchy, unlike a certain other Himalayan country.

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MadMonarchist said...

Well, the violent crime rate, depression rate, level of anxiety, number of foreign wars etc are all definitely *much* lower in the land of the Thunder Dragon. All those who act like one has uttered heresy if they fail to agree that the USA is God's gift to the world would likely be well-served to humble themselves a little and at least consider if we might benefit from learning a thing or two about Bhutan and why they are generally happier and do not have organizations of international terrorists bent on destroying them.