Friday, September 10, 2010

Meghrajji III of Dhrangadhra-Halvad (1923-2010)

The last Indian Maharaja to reign under the British Empire recently died at the age of 87. Judging from his Telegraph obituary and this tribute by Rafal Heydel-Mankoo, he seems to have been a delightful and fascinating gentleman. I particularly liked his comments about the Coronation:

In 1953 the Maharaja was invited to attend the Coronation of HM The Queen at Westminster Abbey, an occasion he found deeply moving. When I reported recent news stories of possible alterations to the Coronation service in order to better represent a multi-faith society, the Hindu scholar was unequivocal in his condemnation: “If the Coronation ceremony in its traditional form and all its glory is abandoned I shall mourn its loss as an exquisite part of our world heritage. It would be like the wanton destruction of a national, indeed a world monument, – say Stonehenge or the Taj Mahal.”

When will the West's politically correct killjoys learn that their alleged "multicultural sensitivity" is actually patronising and insulting to thoughtful non-Christians and non-Westerners?


Flambeaux said...

They won't, since they don't actually care about being sensitive to non-Western or non-Christian parties. It's about the destruction of tradition and the last vestiges of Christendom. That it is furthered under the guise of "sensitivity" and "tolerance" does not change that fact.

Theodore Harvey said...

I agree; it was basically a rhetorical question.