Saturday, January 7, 2012

Presidential Problems

I'm accustomed to regarding the presidents of Europe's post-monarchical republics as boring nonentities, but apparently Germany's is determined to prove me wrong by being a crook. What an improvement! Shoe-toting protesters demanded his resignation in light of the revelation of his threatening phone call to a newspaper attempting to silence its reporting on the loan scandal in which he is involved. Are scumbags like Christian Wulff really what Germans think constitute an acceptable replacement for their ancient royal, ducal, and princely dynasties who shaped and guided everything that is beautiful and meritorious in German history for more than a thousand years, prior to the never-sufficiently-to-be-cursed apocalypse of 1918? It is not just Wulff but the whole pathetic rotten edifice of the Federal Republic of Germany that needs to go. Long live the legitimate German head of state, Kaiser Georg Friedrich I!

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radical royalist said...

I am not sure that Christian Wulff could be termed "a crook". His problem is that he thinks he is just such a fabulous person that everybody offers him free holiday trips and accommodation, not to mention the cheap private loan.

He complained that he cannot be the only one in the republic who is not allowed to have friends. He should quit office and then see how many friends will be left. I am sure there will not be many because he would no longer be able to offer anything else - and if it were only the "presidential glamour".