Saturday, January 7, 2012

Restless republicans in Jamaica and Canada

Naturally I condemn the new Prime Minister of Jamaica and her proposed treason. Given that many ordinary Jamaicans are still loyal to their Queen, some of them even reportedly regretting independence from Britain in 1962, it is not surprising that Mrs Simpson Miller apparently hopes to engineer the change without a referendum, thus avoiding the awkward step of actually consulting "The People" who republicans supposedly love so much. (Note: the fact that people in a constitutional monarchy have voted for a political party whose leaders are republicans, especially when other parties contain the same rot, does not necessarily mean that they all favour abandoning their Queen!) Long live Elizabeth II, Queen of Jamaica! Commonwealth Realms Forever!! Down with republicanism!!!

Meanwhile, similarly-minded Liberal traitors in Canada are hoping to advance the same foul cause. Hopefully this will come to nothing as it always has before. Unfortunately the media persist in advancing the lie that the issue is one of "cutting ties to the British crown," when it is the Canadian crown--a distinct institution since 1867--that is under attack. Don't forget to vote "No" in the poll! God Save the Queen!


Daniel Corston said...

Do realms like Jamaica have an active monarchist group I wonder? In the "old commonwealth" countries like Australia, Canada and New Zealand they all do of course, so it would be impossible to abolish the monarchy without some sort of referendum. Unfortunately in the smaller realms like Jamaica republicanism may go unchallenged.

Theodore Harvey said...

There is a Caribbean Monarchist League led by Jason Green, though I am not sure it has a website outside of Facebook. Australians for Constitutional Monarchy published two of Mr Green's letters.