Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Royal Memorabilia

I'm grateful to a symphony colleague who sold me (at a very reasonable price) three wonderful items to add to my collection of British royal memorabilia: a King George VI & Queen Elizabeth plate and mug, and rarest of all, a tray for the coronation of King Edward VIII that never happened. Here they all are, covering royal history from 1897 to 2011; the only monarch of the past 175 years not represented is King George V (1910-36). Hopefully I'll acquire a comparable item from his reign one day.

(L-R): Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee cup (1897), King Edward VII & Queen Alexandra Coronation cup (1902), King Edward VIII Coronation tray (1936), King George VI & Queen Elizabeth Coronation plate and mug (1937), two Queen Elizabeth II Coronation plates (1953), Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee plate (1977), Charles & Diana wedding plate (1981), William & Catherine wedding plate (2011).

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