Friday, March 30, 2012

Remembering the Queen Mother

Ten years ago today, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother died peacefully at the age of 101. At the time, as a graduate student in New York City, I was saddened not only that her remarkable life (which encompassed the death of Queen Victoria and 9/11) had drawn to a close but also that I could not be among the huge crowds that assembled in London to pass through Westminster Hall and pay tribute to her memory before her April 9 funeral. While I can't confirm the quotation exactly, I believe it was said of her that "while most famous people can make you feel like the day you meet them is the most important day in your life, the Queen Mother made you feel like it was the most important day in hers." Today her family gathered at St George's Chapel to celebrate her long life and that of her daughter Princess Margaret who also died in 2002. The mood was enhanced by the news that Peter and Autumn Phillips have presented the Queen with her second great-grandchild, Isla Elizabeth Phillips, born last night in Gloucestershire and 13th in line to the throne.

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