Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bush vs UK Tories

I wasn't always so anti-American.  I even voted in the 1996 and 2000 presidential elections, and in the 2008 primaries, before concluding that "the system is the problem, and there is no way to vote against the system."  But revelations like this only confirm my bitter resentment of the the regime in Washington, whichever rotten party is in control of it.  Neither the Democrat Clinton nor the Republican Bush had any respect for British sovereignty or other countries' national sovereignty in general.  The U.S. Presidency is one of the leading enemies of truth, peace, and tradition in the world today.  It does not deserve one iota of the respect usually accorded to it as an institution, and I will not implicitly endorse it by participating in its inane and pointless rituals every four years.


J.K. Baltzersen said...

Are you sure you're anti-American, sir? You're not just anti-Americanist?

MadMonarchist said...

U.S. foreign policy usually gets it wrong. Even when doing things for the right reason we often find a way to do it wrong. But I have never been able to feel *too much* sympathy for countries, the UK or others, who groan about American interference in their affairs while doing nothing to end US influence in their country or welcoming US assistance in various ways. The US in the biggest foreign investor to the UK just as the UK is the biggest foreign investor to the US. Where is the British government that will stop this investment or end free trade with America? They could. They could also demand that US military bases in the UK be closed.

For me it usually comes down to this: every US administration sees Washington DC as the center of the world. I expect that. I just wish other countries would stop agreeing with them. If the US will not mind it's own business foreign countries should beware: ask for no protection, accept no subsidy, accept nothing that would give the US any influence over them in the first place. Otherwise, the US will never stop meddling and nothing will ever be able to do anything about it.