Saturday, June 30, 2012

Liechtenstein votes on royal powers

Hereditary Prince Alois, Liechtenstein's acting head of state since 2004, has threatened to leave the country if Liechtensteiners pass a referendum eliminating his ability to veto legislation.  While I wince a bit at the risk inherent in such a threat, I admire Prince Alois's bold stand in defense of the rights of the last remaining ruling (as opposed to merely reigning) hereditary monarchy in Europe.  Don't Liechtensteiners know how lucky they are to live in a country that has not yet completely surrendered to the inane and overrated god of "Democracy"?  Fortunately, it seems that many do.  Member of Parliament Renate Wohlwend supports the Prince and his powers.  '"I don't like to call them powers," she explained. "I think of them as rights and responsibilities, and this mix of monarchy and democracy creates the right kind of balance for a small country like Liechtenstein."'  So perhaps wisdom and tradition will prevail.  Long live Prince Hans Adam II, Long Live Prince Alois, and Long Live the Principality of Liechtenstein!

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