Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Who Cares about the Don't Carers?

We monarchists love our rituals and traditions.  But there's one "ritual" I think we would all be happy to see the back of.  I'm talking about the way that every time there's a widely covered royal event, the internet is immediately deluged with angry comments from people who proclaim that they Don't Care (and therefore presumably no one else should either).  I posted the following yesterday on both Facebook (where it received 62 "Likes," including from a few non-Friends) and the Mail Online (where less gratifyingly it received a net total of five "red arrows," meaning that negative/red reactions outnumbered positive/green reactions by five).  Blog readers, if you follow the second link which should take you directly to my comment, green arrows would be much appreciated!

Dear Nasty Bitter People Leaving Negative Comments On Articles About The Royal Pregnancy:

OK, we get it. You don't care. You don't care so much that you feel the need to inform the entire world how much you don't care. Well, guess what? I didn't care about the U.S. presidential election and had to hear much more about it than you will ever hear about the royal baby. I don't care about sports--at all--yet hear about that constantly. Somehow I've managed to avoid reading articles about these things I don't care about and posting comments about how I don't care, because I actually don't care enough to do that and am not a moron. As incomprehensible as it may be to you, some of us actually do think that the birth of the future head of state of sixteen countries is kind of a big deal. So kindly shut up and leave our articles alone.


MadMonarchist said...

I don't care and don't read such comments on the internet, but I'm still not safe because they do the same thing on the news. Bring up the issue and then have at least one or two of the anchors bemoan how they don't care, it doesn't matter, "we fought a war to get rid of that sort of thing ruff! ruff! ruff!" and so on. I sream at the TV, "THEN DON'T TALK ABOUT IT!" I would rather they say nothing than endlessly whine about how much they don't want to talk about what they are talking about. It drives me ... well, "mad".

Mateus G. M. F. Tibúrcio said...
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Christina said...

Your post made me smile because it is so bizarre how people who claim not to care about something go overboard trying to make others not care. Reminds me of the Atheist Society who paid for a sign on a bus to announce that there is no God! Why bother? I don't believe in Superman or Spiderman so I wouldn't bother going round telling everyone they don't exist and if other people believe they do, what business is it of mine? Some people, it seems, just long to be the centre of attention and dislike it when others are more interested in royalty than in them!