Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Real Republic

Recently a French cabinet minister announcing that the government will monitor religious groups including traditionalist Catholics for "religious pathology" revealed the essentially totalitarian nature of the French Republic with rather more honesty than usual nowadays.  “Secularism is not about simple tolerance … it is a set of values that we have to share.”  And if "we" don't?  What then?  More genocide like in the 1790s? 

French Catholics, it is long past time to abandon the failed and misguided Ralliement of Leo XIII.  The Republic hates you, always has, always will.  “We decided to be uncompromising against all those who utter hate speech against the Republic and our values.”   Good.  Bring it on.  Let monarchists and Catholics be no less uncompromising.  The Republic and its rotten "values" should be condemned loudly and vigorously with what it calls "hate speech."  I would be proud to be counted among the enemies of the Republic illegitimately occupying the once-great nation where all the trouble started.  Only a King can lawfully rule France.  Death to the Republic!  Vive le Roi!


carmeljamaica said...

It saddens me that France, a beautiful nation filled with so much royal history (not to mention all its beautiful castles) drank the cup of poison that is republicanism.

If this were any other nation that does not have any strong history of monarchs, I would have understood. But France?

My heart weeps for it.

Aaron Traas said...

At least they're honest, unlike the regimes in charge of most other modern secular nations.