Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Queen has abdicated. Long live the King!

This blog salutes HRH Princess (formerly Queen) Beatrix for her 33 years of service to the Netherlands and congratulates King Willem-Alexander on his accession as the first King of the Netherlands in 123 years. (Here is my chart and map of Europe in 1890, the last time the Netherlands had a King: a very different world.) Lang leven de Koning!

As it turned out, while I missed the actual abdication, I am up to watch the inauguration at the link below. The Nieuwe Kerk looks glorious, virtually unrecognizable from when I was there last month and it was still dominated by "The American Indian" exhibit. The event may not be a coronation, but the new King looks suitably regal in ermine and Queen Maxima lovely in her tiara. An excerpt from the Bach Magnificat needed no translation. It is reassuring to see politicians obliged to swear allegiance to their new King. Thousands of Dutch have gathered in Dam Square to thank their former sovereign and celebrate their new one. Despite the inevitable grumblings of a few killjoy republicans, most Dutch people like their monarchy and see it as an integral part of Dutch identity.

The Amsterdam children's choir, accompanied by the Matangi Quartet (friends of a friend of mine), sang a song by Herman van Veen who performed with musicians of the Dallas Symphony (including yours truly) in Antwerp last month.

It's especially moving at the end of this video to see the former Queen leave the balcony and her three granddaughters come out to join their parents. For the first time since Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden turned 18 in 1995, Europe has a minor heir to a throne, reminding us that only Monarchy represents all generations; only Monarchy links the past to the future so beautifully. God bless Princess Catharina-Amalia (b 2003)!


Mateus G. M. F. Tib├║rcio said...

It's a glorious day for the Dutch monarchy. The first catholic Queen of Netherlands since the Eighty Years War - Even though I'm not sure such a title existed... Being myself of royal and noble Dutch descent - Even though my ancestors were spanish loyalists -, I must say "Long live the King!"

Vidi_Aquam said...

Catholic Queen? Oh please, she promised to raise the children Protestant - that means she has gone against the church's law on the subject. In addition she shows no sign of being in the slightest bit interested in the faith of her fathers: she never communicates at mass, etc. So please, spare us the triumphalism. It was indeed a glorious day for the house of Oranje-Nassau and the nation. Leve de Koning!

Theodore Harvey said...

I am personally an Anglican (albeit the sort who would have had no problem conforming to Mary I in 1553) but am proud to support monarchies of all religions. I will not let sectarianism get in the way of the pan-monarchist cause.