Friday, June 7, 2013

Coronation Anniversary

This past Sunday, June 2, was the sixtieth anniversary of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey. The occasion was celebrated two days later by a commemorative service (excellent pictures at the Daily Mail) at the Abbey featuring much of the music sung at the original event and attended by a wide variety of participants and representatives as well as the entire Royal Family. Being in Brazil I was not able to watch live, but fortunately the service is available in its entirety online. (Thanks to Matt Follows of the excellent British Monarchist Society for bringing the YouTube link to my attention.)

Here is a chart I made of the Monarchs of the World at the time of the Coronation. In many ways this was a better time, especially for those countries listed which could not be included on a similar chart today. 

Peter Hitchens sounded a pessimistic note that I cannot dismiss completely, though I think the service was glorious and there is still much to celebrate in the present British Monarchy.

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