Monday, June 10, 2013

German prince advocates restoration

Today is the 37th birthday of HRH Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia, rightful King of Prussia and German Emperor. But it is his cousin Prince Philipp Kirill (who would be the next head of the House of Hohenzollern if not for its equal marriage requirements--his mother is not noble, while Georg Friedrich's, born a countess of Castell-RĂ¼denhausen, is), a Lutheran pastor and father of six, who is more committed to thoughtfully and reasonably advocating the restoration of the German monarchy, an idea which while still far from mainstream is encouragingly more popular among young Germans than older ones.

Annoyingly, most of the reactions from Local readers were hostile. I posted the following in response:

As a convinced and passionate monarchist, I am appalled--though unfortunately not really surprised--by most of the comments here. This is a thoughtful man who takes his inheritance seriously, obviously loves his country in spite of the shabby way his family have been treated since 1918, and reasonably proposes an alternative that works quite well in ten modern European countries, and all people can do is tear him down. The causes of the First World War were extremely complex and cannot be blamed on any one individual. In any case a new German monarchy would not be exactly like the old one but would be a new creation suitable for the 21st century, as the British, Dutch, and Danish monarchies manifestly are. 

I fail to see that Germany's elected presidents and politicians have been in any way an improvement on the noble and royal houses that shaped German culture and destiny for a thousand years. What happened in 1918 was a tragedy from which Western Civilization has still not recovered and must be reversed. I find it amazing that after Hitler anyone can still believe it is better for leaders to come from humble backgrounds. A king born in a palace is much safer. Everything that is good and beautiful in Germany, everything that tourists admire, comes from the time of the monarchies--not just the Hohenzollerns, but all of them, including the Wittelsbachs of Bavaria (my personal favourite)--before the apocalypse of 1918. But monarchy should not be confined to nostalgia; the principle of a head of state who by being separate from the divisive political process, precisely because he is not elected, can represent the entire nation as a politician cannot, is as relevant today as it ever was. God bless Prince Philip Kiril and long live the German monarchies!


Ponocrates said...

Excellent response, Theodore!

Kasia Cichecki said...

I agree, Theodore! I am deeply saddened and angered that there are lot of ignorant and unintelligent people who refuse to do proper research on the advantages of having a monarch as Head of State. But we shouldn't give up our hopes, I believe that we will be successful with our monarchist cause and the chances of monarchy restorations in Germany and worldwide will be probable if we find more intelligent and young people who are willing to support it! We will work hard as possibly to educate other people well about the advantages of having a monarchy and then we will succeed in our dreams, without anyone crushing them!


I am an American, from the southern state of Louisiana; and I'm absolutely all for the restoration of the German Monarchy (Specifically the Royal House of Hohenzollern), and I mean a COMPLETE ABSOLUTE restoration: and while I'm here, I will speak the TRUTH; the main reason why the German Monarchy and Prussia is no more, is because they were a massive ever expanding threat to the hegemony of Great Britain and the Roman Papacy and it's Jesuit Order, likewise, the aforementioned combined has done much to annihilate all that was and is good about Germany, in lew of the Vatican's centuries long dream of occult world government. And look at reunited Germany now, as the powerhouse of Europe once again, and as well, I promise you, their is typical, predictable destructive evil on the horizon. May GOD BLESS Germany (The nation that spearheaded the Great Protestant Reformation that phenomenally blessed the entire world), and may GOD sovereignly BLESS and RESTORE the Hohenzollerns back to their rightful throne that was stolen from them, and the Romanov Czars of Russia as well!!! :)