Friday, February 7, 2014


I am aware that some right-wingers who broadly agree in principle with my preference for Monarchy may find my focus on it, to the exclusion of most other political issues, excessive. One response to that is that the pendulum since 1910 has swung so far towards the dominance of republicanism, and Monarchy, even more than most other aspects of traditional civilization, has been so relentlessly attacked (whether destroyed or weakened) by the Left and--perhaps more importantly--ignored or abandoned by the Right, that it is necessary for at least some of us to be willing to risk being seen as excessively preoccupied with monarchism in order to restore any sort of balance. I would say the same with regard to the very different but not entirely unrelated issue of music in Christian worship since the 1960s.


Aaron Traas said...

I think you're too kind towards the right -- particularly the American right. They are openly hostile to foreign monarchies, often more so than the left these days. The left is merely hostile to Christian monarchies.

Flambeaux said...

If we're going to tilt at windmills, why not choose glorious ones?


Theodore Harvey said...

You're right Aaron, but I guess I was thinking more of the pro-Putin Facebook quasi-monarchist right-wing internet fringe, not the mainstream American Right.