Thursday, February 20, 2014

"Progress" and the World

The world is a mess. Everyone deplores it. But not enough people yet draw the obvious conclusion: Modern Political "Progress" Is Not Working! Russia (and most of what is now the Ukraine) was better off under the Romanovs; central Europe was better off under the Habsburgs; France and southern Italy were better off under the Bourbons; Iran was better off under the Pahlavis; Egypt was better off under the Muhammad Ali dynasty; Spanish-speaking Latin America was better off under the Spanish Crown and Brazil under its own Braganza monarchy; Afghanistan was better off under King Zahir Shah; China was better off under the emperors, and all of those countries and many others could have grown to be better off still by today had they remained under the guidance of their legitimate rulers. The worldwide trend (greatly accelerated since 1910) of replacing Kings with other types of regimes has been a disaster for humanity. If one has taken a wrong turn in the forest, the quickest route to genuine progress is to turn back.

Global Monarchist Counterrevolution Now! It's only impossible if people say it's impossible.

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Peter of Carolina said...

We live in a time when many things considered unthinkable have come to pass. It seems that it is unthinkable in our day for any restoration to take place. Be that as it may, I am hoping and praying specifically for a restoration in Romania this year. Part of the reason is of course that I am quite fond of King Michael. And I would like to see him restored to the throne he was so unceremoniously removed from 66 years ago.