Saturday, May 31, 2014

UKIP peer attacks Prince Charles

I often feel estranged from the entire existing political spectrum, because while the Left is committed to "Equality" in principle, most "right-wingers," even in Europe, don't particularly see it as a problem in itself that monarchies have been abolished, and many don't even find it obligatory to defend the few remaining ones. Whereas true traditionalists will never, ever, abandon the Crown(s), not in a hundred years, not in a thousand, no matter what. Republicanism must be crushed and destroyed and the traditional dynasties restored, with proper courts and hereditary succession and so forth, and that is more important than any other "right-wing" or "conservative" cause. Meanwhile some in the "right-wing" United Kingdom Independence Party think it acceptable to insult the heir to the throne (Warning: Treason) and praise the evil American Revolution, of all things. Whether one believes in man-made climate change or not, the views of the future King must be treated with respect, though sometimes we real right-wingers may be forgiven for wondering if an ecological apocalypse would be such a terrible thing, modern "civilization" is such a disaster anyway.

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