Thursday, May 22, 2014

Russians attack Prince Charles

Russia has not had a legitimate government since March 1917. The republican Russian Federation, like all post-monarchical republics, is an illegal gang of traitors and has no right to criticise HRH the Prince of Wales, whose own relatives were murdered there by Bolshevik scum in July 1918. Republics are insects compared to Monarchies and should approach them in abject humility, if allowed to exist at all. It is a gross crime crying out to Heaven for vengeance that the Monarchy was not restored following the fall of Communism. If Russians want to be treated with respect they can repudiate 1917-91 and restore the Monarchy. Until then, shut the Lenin up Vladimir Putin--you have no more right to call yourself the head of state of Russia than I do. Down with presidential republicanism, long live Empress Maria Vladimirovna and long live the Romanov dynasty!


The King's Man said...

One only needs to compare Putin's actions in the Crimea and eastern Ukraine, and his rationale, to Hitler's actions and rationale in the Sudetenland in the 1930s to see the historical parallels. His Royal Highness has only spoken the cold, harsh truth, and it restores some small measure of confidence in my country that all three major party leaders have been somewhat supportive of the Prince's statement.

Meanwhile, a small and repulsive part of the population condemns Prince Charles' comments and decry the monarchy as undemocratic while praising Vladimir Putin, the ex-KGB strongman in control of one of the world's most corrupt nations. Let that sink in for a moment.

A fine post as always, Mr. Harvey.

Ponocrates said...

Hear, hear! Prince Charles made the comment privately, but I wouldn't care if he said it officially. Putin is an insecure cry baby. A little pseudo-Napoleon.

Theodore Harvey said...

Thank you. King's Man, I have added your blog to my links list.