Wednesday, July 9, 2014


In a recent Facebook discussion on a Catholic friend's page, I pointed out, and no one disagreed with me, that while the restoration of the Habsburg monarchy as envisioned by the Schwarz-Gelbe Allianz is certainly unlikely (alas), it's no more unlikely than most of the political goals of today's American Conservative Catholics (and other religious & social conservatives), which get a lot more press. I'd rather focus on the Habsburgs.

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Aaron Traas said...

I think some sort of social conservative reforms are inevitable, but only after some sort of societal collapse in the west. But I agree that "conservative" Catholics place a bit too much faith in the republican political process -- no matter what they do, it will not swing the pendulum back in our direction. The most they can hope for is to slow the inevitable march of "progress" -- yesterdays social taboos are the new normal, so young conservatives are trying to hold the line at their own normal. But it will inevitably fail.