Saturday, November 22, 2014

Grand Duchess Olga's Toronto apartment for sale

The small apartment (quite a comedown from Peterhof Palace where she was born) where Grand Duchess Olga of Russia (1882-1960), sister of the last Tsar, spent the several months of her life is on the market. I wish I had known the address (316 Gerrard St E) when I spent three weeks in Toronto in June 2010; it would not have been difficult to visit. The building can also be seen via Google Street View. My hope would be that whoever buys it would turn it into a small museum commemorating the Grand Duchess's life.
Peterhof Palace, where Grand Duchess Olga was born in 1882...

...and the rather different building where she died in 1960

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Anonymous said...

The apartment looks elegant but may not be a hit for regular people to rent.

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