Friday, November 14, 2014

Royalist Videogame?

I have never been into video games, but this article makes me wonder if I should be. The French Republic deserves to be hated, the "sans-culottes" really were bloodthirsty savages, and Robespierre really was a monster. Those who insult Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette are worthless scum. Death to the Republic!!! The French Revolution was the most evil event in pre-20th-century history and should be excoriated and denounced at every opportunity. Let's whip up that "anti-republican sentiment" and crush republicanism forever; if a video game can be part of the process, then God bless that video game. Long live the Counterrevolution and Vive le Roi!!!

The two most ideological republics in the world are the USA and France. But it seems like being a French monarchist would be rather more exciting than being an American monarchist. Here, it's considered a harmless quaint eccentricity. There, one would actually have enemies.

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