Sunday, March 29, 2015

On Anglicanism

This was written by a Roman Catholic as a caricature of what Anglicans love about Anglicanism, but I sort of like it anyway:

"I can understand anyone wanting to belong to the Anglican Church with its Dickensian niceness of manners, its pleasing hymns, its dreaming spires, the village green, the rose cheeked boys framed in frills, the romance of the cemetery, the cheerful order of rank, the reliable connection to Queen and state. Who wouldn't want to share an ancestry with ladies in poke bonnets carrying posies with their dainty Book of Common Prayer? To be able to weep tears of pride at the thought of Jerusalem built on England's green and pleasant land?"

I met some of those "rose cheeked boys" on Thursday evening when the Choir of King's College Cambridge (founded by King Henry VI) performed (beautifully) at my Dallas parish, Church of the Incarnation:

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