Friday, May 22, 2015

Mail attempts to profile Louis XX

There are so many errors in this article I barely know where to start. Louis Alfonso's pedigree would not put the Queen to shame; while they are both descendants of Queen Victoria, his ancestry is only 1/4 royal while hers is 1/2 royal. Louis XIV (r 1643-1715) was far from France's last Bourbon king; that would be Charles X (r 1824-30), or if the Orléans are considered a branch of the Bourbons, Louis Philippe (r 1830-48). And why is it so commonly believed that Monarchy in France ended permanently with the French Revolution? I see this error all the time. The French monarchy did not "come to a sticky end at the hands of Robespierre and later Napoleon." As anyone with even a rudimentary familiarity with French history knows, the monarchy was subsequently restored and France was governed by monarchs of various sorts for the majority of the 19th century.
Still, at least the Duke of Anjou and French royalism in general are getting some publicity in the English-language media. The French Republic has utterly failed and cannot be saved, even by Marine Le Pen, nor should it be. Vive le Roi!


The King's Man said...

This has got to be one of the worst researched articles I've ever read in the Mail, at least on the topic of history. Oh well, at least the Legitimist cause is getting noticed by the global media.

Kasia Cichecki said...

That's very good, considering that the majority of the French population knows very little about the cause of French royalism, but I'm glad that it is gaining its momentum and making its progress in the English-speaking media. Who knows that we would have better luck in promoting our monarchist cause in the near future? As for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, I don't think Her Majesty would be deeply offended, as Her Majesty still has strong royal blood, thanks to her father (the then Duke of York) His Majesty King George VI's marriage to the Queen Mother, who is of aristocratic stock and also to her impressive lineage from the early Kings and Queens of Medieval Britain!