Monday, June 29, 2015

England and France 2015

Apologies for my long absence here. I recently returned from a splendid three-week visit to England and France where I saw (or met for the first time) many monarchist friends. I am not sure I have the time or inclination to create a comprehensive blog post with multiple photos and so forth adequately summarizing the trip, but among the highlights were seeing the Queen and Royal Family at Trooping the Colour on the 13th and from even closer at Garter Day on the 15th, as well as my first visits to Versailles and the tombs of the Kings of France at St Denis. In England I went to Choral Evensong almost every day; here is a list of the music at all the services I attended. God Save the Queen and Vive le Roi!

HM the Queen and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh at Windsor Castle, Garter Day, 15 June 2015

With French royalist Nicolas Matthews at Versailles, 18 June 2015


Kasia Cichecki said...

I'm glad that you are having a great time both in England and France! And I'm very happy for you! It's wonderful that you get to visit the Palace of Versailles, too, as it's one of my dreams to visit it! You are a great inspiration for me as a future historian! Long Live His Most Christian Majesty King Louis XX of France (or His Majesty King Henri VII of the French, for French monarchists, including you, who consider the Treaty of Utrecht valid, although the Duke of Anjou seems like a very popular choice among Facebook monarchists as the contender for the French throne)!

And by the way, which royal palaces, residences, and cathedrals did you visit in France, so far, Theodore? I knew that you would visit the Notre Dame Cathedral, Reims Cathedral, and the Palace of Versailles, anyways!

Seeing and reading your newest blog post on the historical Kingdoms of England and France really cheers me up a little bit, after I was in desolate spirits following a nasty fight that I had with other monarchists on Facebook, and I felt very bad about it, since it is partially my fault that I started it in the first place. And I'm too terrified to tell you what it is, because I am very worried that we can lose our precious friendship, because of it. I would like to talk to Carmel Jamaica Tundag first to get out of this sticky situation that I'm involved in and help mend my good relations with other monarchists. :( But what is really important is that I still support the restoration of the French Monarchy, as I strongly feel that a King still fits France's image as a romantic country better than a President and whose rank is still unequal to that of Her Majesty in terms of status, a anonymous commoner, whereas Her Majesty is a full blue-blooded Royal of aristocratic stock herself.

Theodore Harvey said...

Don't be terrified. Send me an e-mail at

Anonymous said...

Hi, This is a very neat blog. There is so much that I don't know about monarchism, but I support the restoration of France to the Catholic French Monarchy.

Kasia Cichecki said...

Very true, Therese! We are in great need of restoring not of the French throne, but also of the grandeur and vivid images of the Kingdom of France, started by Joan of Arc, King Louis XIV, and Queen Marie-Antoinette, and I greatly hope that His Most Christian Majesty King Louis XX (or His Majesty King Henry VII, for a small group of monarchists supporting the valid Treaty of Utrecht) can pick it up when they left off. And as for you, if you would like to expand your knowledge on monarchism, I recommend visiting the website, when they have great resources on book titles dealing with royal history! ;)