Friday, October 25, 2019

Parallel Debates

It's funny, because the people who have argued with me over Anglicanism vs. Catholicism and the people who have argued with me over the Spanish Civil War (like my latest Ex-Facebook-Friend, sadly) probably wouldn't like each other very much, but in a way the root of my stubbornness is the same: I frankly put a higher priority on Aesthetics than most people do. So, while I genuinely believe in the merits of Anglicanism, my love of Anglican worship & patrimony is impervious to Roman Catholic theological criticisms (whether of the Reformation or of the contemporary Episcopal Church or CofE), and while I genuinely believe that the right side won in 1939 and that Monarchy's superiority is not superficial, my gratitude to Franco for eventually restoring the Spanish monarchy is impervious to objections to his authoritarian tactics.

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