Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Monarchist Generation

Could the "millennials" be the first generation in quite awhile to be wiser than their parents and grandparents? Fully 60% of Australians aged 18-24 support keeping the monarchy, as do a narrow majority of Australians overall. In no age group do republicans now outnumber monarchists, though the gap is much narrower among baby boomers. God Save the Queen of Australia!

It's not hard to see why when following coverage of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's ongoing triumphant visit to Australia, including this visit to the Blue Mountains.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Monarchist Thought of the Day

Why do so many people believe that winning an election is more indicative of "merit" than hereditary succession? Where is the evidence for this widespread belief? And why should anyone have more confidence in the wisdom of the electorate, who just happened to be born in the right place and time and didn't do anything to be qualified to vote other than be 18 or older, than in that of one person, who just happened to be born in the right place and time and didn't do anything to get into the royal family? An individual might be good and wise, or he might not. A majority of the public? Far less likely. And the sort of person who wants and seeks the highest office in the land--something dictators and elected presidents have in common, though their means differ--is precisely the last sort of person who should be entrusted with it.

No divine right monarchist has ever been more mystical and unscientific about Royal Blood than republicans are about Elections and Public Opinion.