Friday, March 4, 2016

Romanian king ill

I am saddened to learn of 94-year-old King Michael's cancer diagnosis, but even sadder that Romania has failed to restore him to his throne when he was healthier during the two and a half decades that have elapsed since his first return.  I am so tired of waiting for Europeans to come to their senses, do the right thing, and restore their Kings. Tired of the squandering of opportunity after 1989. Now it may be too late. Is there any hope anywhere? Why do people accept republicanism? I sure don't, and I never will.

This is what happened in 1990 (I was 12 years old) when King Michael, who is now seriously ill, returned to Romania for the first time since his illegal and invalid 1947 "abdication." Makes me sick to my stomach. How DARE those impudent politicians accuse His Majesty of entering the country "illegally"? It was THEIR government that was and is illegal! He was and is their KING and they should have bowed down and begged his forgiveness. And that goes for Montenegro, Albania, Serbia, and Bulgaria too. The fact that the Balkan monarchies have not been restored since the alleged fall of Communism more than 25 years ago is the single greatest political disappointment of my lifetime.