Monday, February 25, 2019

The Church and The World

Christians often talk about issues where what the World wants and what the Church wants diverge. And I'm sure there are ways in which I'm guilty of siding with the World. But I honestly think what frustrates me the most is the areas in which the World and the Church seem to be aligned against me. Both the World and (since Pope Leo XIII) the Church tell me that it's acceptable for monarchies to be abolished and replaced by republics and that those who are sad about that just have to live with it, other issues being more important today. No. I don't want to. Both the World and (since the 1960s) the Church tell me that it's acceptable for the kind of music I love to be replaced by "music" I find disgusting and that those who don't like it have to be tolerant of others' preferences. No. I don't want to. In these two areas, at least, I insist that I'm right and the World and the Church today are both wrong. And I don't care how arrogant that makes me. I've made do with Anglicanism for almost 10 years now but sometimes I really wish I could found a new branch or denomination of Christianity that would be uncompromisingly both monarchist and musically traditionalist. I don't suppose it would have many members though.