Saturday, September 15, 2018

Summer in Russia and Britain, and a Habsburg event in Dallas

Apologies to anyone still reading this blog for my lack of activity here. There's so much I theoretically could have blogged about in recent months, particularly my July trip to Russia "In the Steps of the Romanovs" culminating in my participation in the solemn commemorations of the centennial of the murder of the Imperial Family in Ekaterinburg, but having documented my trips so thoroughly on social media I never got around to also producing a blog entry. I would like to encourage anyone curious about my experiences in Russia and Britain ("Wonders of Wales and England") to follow me on Instagram, or even if you're not an Instagram user check out my page (which unlike my Facebook is Public), and peruse my photos there (in reverse chronological order) which cover all the highlights.

Today, however, here in Texas I was reunited at the Blessed Karl Symposium at Mater Dei Catholic Church with HI&RH Princess (née Archduchess) Maria Anna Galitizine, granddaughter of Bl Karl, nearly two years after I first met her in Washington DC. I think she liked my shirt!