Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Sometimes I come across old internet posts and comments of mine. I haven't changed much. That's why it can be hard when online acquaintances go through various ideological and/or religious phases. Sometimes it means they don't want to be "Friends" anymore. This is usually guys, usually considerably younger, though I can think of one female former friend about my age to whom it applies. I think sometimes young men get interested in Monarchy--why not, it's awesome--but then when they learn that the modern world is never going to take this seriously, and Europe's contemporary royals are not going to do what they want, they either sell out and embrace "normie" politics or gravitate to more extreme ideologies that they see as "tougher." Sometimes they reject Christianity altogether; sometimes they embrace a fanatical Christianity that rejects all earthly goals dear to the hearts of traditionalists. It's sad to witness. I'm sticking with what I know is right. If that makes me a "LARPer," so be it. I'm grateful for all those who have stayed loyal and aren't budging. Monarchism Forever.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Royal Encounters in Mexico

Last week I visited my brother William in Mexico, where he has been serving as concertmaster of the Orquestra Sinfónica Nacional in Mexico City. We did a lot of fairly typical Mexican sightseeing (including Chapultepec Castle where Emperor Maximilian and Empress Carlota lived) and eating, mostly beyond the scope of this blog post, but the evening of June 6 was far from typical: a performance for HI&RH Archduke Carlos Felipe, a grandson of Emperor Bl Karl of Austria-Hungary and great-great-grandnephew of Emperor Maximilian of Mexico, at his Mexico City home, for an audience that also included his wife, his two sons, and his cousin HRH Prince Alexander Margrave of Meissen, head of the Royal House of Saxony! While I have had many special experiences as a musician, it's hard to imagine that anything could top playing Bach, Kreisler, and the Kaiserhymne for such an audience. Afterwards (as well as the day before when we were getting ready) I had ample opportunities to talk to all the royalty present, who were impeccably gracious and appreciative: a monarchist musician's dream. I felt that my brother and I got to be the latest in a long line of musicians who have performed for members of the Habsburg dynasty over the centuries. Archduke Carlos Felipe has done a great deal to rehabilitate the image of Emperor Maximilian in Mexico and it was a tremendous honour to be his guest.

With Archduke Carlos Felipe and his wife Annie-Claire in front of a portrait of Emperor Maximilian, June 5
Portraits of Maximilian & Carlota, and their piano, at Chapultepec Castle

My brother and I with Prince Alexander of Saxony, Margrave of Meissen

With Archdukes Louis-Damien and Julian
With Archduke Carlos Felipe and a portrait of his ancestor Emperor Charles V
Altar of the Kings, Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral, June 7

Friday, June 1, 2018

Habsburg Twitter and Me

Yesterday, much to my delight, I had a light-hearted exchange with not one but two Habsburgs on Twitter. You can read about it at my friend Jovan's blog here.