Friday, April 4, 2008

Romanov DNA investigation continues

According to the AP, DNA tests may soon finally lay to rest the enduring mystery of Grand Duchess Anastasia. I'm not entirely sure why this is still considered an open question; like author Robert K. Massie, whose brilliant Nicholas and Alexandra was a major influence on my life, I've always been firmly convinced that all seven Romanovs (as well as four of their servants) were murdered that horrible night in Ekaterinburg in July 1918, and it seems like this has already been proven beyond a reasonable doubt. In any case, may they rest in peace, and may Russia eventually repent of the terrible crime of regicide and restore the monarchy!


Matthias said...

Hopefully this will re awaken sympathy to monarchy in Russia and give the current heir (whose name escapes me) some leeway towards restoration.

JDB said...

The claim of Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna to the throne of Russia is probably the most widely accepted one.

Perhaps if enough support is found amongst the Russian people we could see a possible constitutional monarchy in the future.