Thursday, August 7, 2008

Republican MPs fuss about oath to Queen

A small group of republican MPs are objecting to being obliged to swear [or affirm] allegiance to the Queen--who last time I checked remains at the legal center of Britain's constitution, whether these sniveling petulant traitors like it or not. What worries me is not so much this republican minority, but the potentially greater number of spineless moderates like former "Conservative" Transport Minister Peter Bottomley who are not exactly republicans themselves but would cater to the tender sensibilities of such scum by making the oath optional. Far more truly Conservative is the attitude of Tory MP Geoffrey Cox, who has no tolerance for what he rightly denounces as "constitutional vandalism." The oath must remain mandatory--if leftists don't like it, no one is forcing them to serve in Parliament.

Controversies like this always make me wonder if there is a single republican legislature in the world that would even tolerate the presence of monarchist members openly contemptuous of the constitutional foundation of the government they purport to serve, let alone actually consider changing parliamentary procedure to accommodate them. I don't think so. So which system is it that is more conducive to permitting the "freedom," "tolerance," and "diversity" republicans claim to love so much: republicanism or constitutional monarchy?

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MandysRoyalty said...

Ah, the latest attempt to make bland the British nation. Not only are monarchists being betrayed, the head of state betrayed, but in the end, the republicans will be betrayed too. The politicians are doing it even now. These people want to be rid of a distinct British icon, at times viewed as specifically English, and they will play on republican feelings for their own end. Repubs will think the government is doing a good thing, but in reality they will be making Britain a dark, lifeless void. Keeping the Queen and royal family will be safer for the country in the long run.