Sunday, February 8, 2009

Georgian Royal Wedding

Uniting the rival branches of Georgia's ancient dynasty, Prince David Bagrationi-Mukhraneli and Princess Anna Bagrationi-Gruzinsky married in Tbilisi's Trinity Cathedral. There has not been much coverage in the English-language press, other than a rather dismissive Telegraph blog entry, an irritating reminder of how irrelevant monarchism is regarded by many journalists (though not Gerald Warner). While the "fairy tale" element of monarchy is important and should not be belittled, that does not mean that a restoration would have nothing to offer Georgia's very real problems. The world's remaining monarchies make a substantial tangible difference in the lives of their substance; why would Georgia not wish to emulate them?

Royal Musings
has more here; also see this thread at my forum for pictures and links.


May said...

Thank you for the post and the links!

By the way, I just wanted to say I've been looking through your articles on your other site and finding them very interesting; it's rare to see someone thinking through these political issues with such care and balance. Thanks.

Theodore Harvey said...

Thank you! :)